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Hab keine Ahnung wie ich anfangen soll.

Usually, this time of year I am sad, because all the memories of New York are coming back. It was not a perfect time but still it was a great time and I miss it in my life. So, as usual I am feeling sad today.I miss my former friends, my family and the city. I listen to Manhattan Skyline, because some online chat reminded me of it. My one cat is here with me, sleeping. I did not go to work today, did not feel like it. Tomorrow all this starts again.

I don´t know, I would so much love to have a kid of my own instead of taking care and educating strangers, but there is no man who would love me. I guess it is because I am not a model. I so much would love to be in love again. I remember being in love and it felt so great, even when the other person did not love me back...

If I had one wish it would be to find  a man, a man who loves me and wants kids with me.

But I guess this dream will never come true...

27.11.06 19:43


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